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World Environment Day: Time for Strong Clean Air Act

It is fifth day of June and the world celebrates “World Environment Day”.  For a poor country, environment comes far behind in priority. Hunger, health, clothing, education and infrastructures are the main priorities for the country like Nepal. Saying that, it doesn’t mean environment should be overshadowed by other priorities. Today let’s think our development, […]
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Paragliding Pre World Cup Happening In Pokhara,Nepal

Probably first of its kind event, paragliding pre world cup is happening in Pokhara. 162 pilots from 36 countries including Nepal are participating in the week long event. Winner of the event will be...

Clean Energy

19 ways to ecofy your home/business in 2015

 Sad but true. We have been exploiting our resources since hundreds of years and come till 2015. For human interest, so many innocent wild lives have extinct, so many wetlands have disappeared, greenery...

Clean Energy

Selecting Right Solar Backup System for Your Home/Office

Sizing and designing Solar Backup System is simple, as simple as choosing right laptop, right motor bike for you.To help you understand and size right Solar Backup System,I have tried my best simplifying...


How green entrepreneurs can save the world.

Emily Wilkinson, a social entrepreneur I highly appreciate,became aware of increasing environmental threat of plastic bottles and decided to bring out some solution to the world.As a result she invented a...

Clean Energy

Is your solar backup system promisingly green?

Not every solar backup system buyer is an engineer. It turns out that, they had to be a sharp minded engineer to purchase green solar backup systems (SBS) in Nepal. After five years of my involvement in...

Clean Energy

Turning my home to zero energy

Sometimes I think I am a ridiculous person. I dream of a perfect world. A dream of zero energy life style. I simply want to see everyone tap the energy “thereby” where and what required, I may not...

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Composting at home. Its easy. Its effective.

Is waste handling a problem at your place? If you are residing in a city like Kathmandu then you are definitely finding hardship to handle your daily waste. You can not help when frequent and inevitable...

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Things to be considered seriously while building Zero Energy Cold Store

I got a chance to design and undertake project to build “Zero Energy Cold Store” (ZECS) in pocket areas for oranges in Syangja District, Nepal. After the visit of two sites of ZECS in two districts of...

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Zero energy solution for cold storage is amazing. Wanna Try?

I don’t have a refrigerator at my flat, so I came across a problem of fruits and vegetables deterioration sooner during summer. I couldn’t buy more fruits to store for more days. The vegetables...