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Where do ideas come from?

If you have come up here to read, you are a seeker! Ideas come from the people like you who seek and thrive constantly for truth. Ideas are flowing on the air. The matter is how you see them through your eyes, mind, and heart. The idea is not a one time or instantaneous incident […]

5 Future Transportation That We Can’t Wait For

Discovery of automobiles has been revolutionary in the history of transport systems. Bus, Cars and Train have been major transportation until the twentieth century, but it’s time to call them old...


Why Does Gold Fall When the Dollar Rises?

We are all used to reading that gold rose because the dollar fell or that gold fell because the dollar rose. The picture conjured up is one of traders racing in to actually buy or sell gold as they watch...

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Few curiosities that always made me think why

Why is match box called “safety matchbox” even it is fire generator? John from Cisco certified Network Associate answers in Quora, The safety match was invented in 1844 in Sweden, by Gustaf Eric...

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We will remain poor country even after two decades. Here’s why?

   One Nepali phrase was popular among our parent’s generation; “Hariyo Ban Nepal Ko Dhan” meaning green forest is Nepal’s wealth. They were taught true. In a socioeconomic perspective,...