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5 startup ideas of Nepal that are expected to disrupt the market in 2018

Probably, seed idea for starting ‘ tootle ‘ came from the blockade experience in 2016. We suffered blockade but we also learned so many lessons about being sustainable. Tootle is one result of that lesson.
Tootle is simply carpooling service inside Kathmandu valley with a nominal service charge. It is a revolutionary idea, at least in Nepal where traffic congestion has become a major problem, reaching destinations stress-free and on time has been long day’s story. The idea of Tootle has the power to change the scenario. If this idea sustains and enough number of people starts using this service, people need not buy private vehicles or need not worry about taking the horrible ride in micros or public transportation.
How I understand tootle service is, it addresses economy, environment and humanity it a single ride.
To learn about Tootle service & download app go in this link. https://tootle.today/


Honestly, I am jealous of this idea. You know why? I had been thinking and discussing the similar kind of idea for years to convert trash into cash. Thousands of people think ideas, hundreds discuss and only a few collect guts to put in actions and Khaalisisi .com team are the one.

Fairly writing, we have been so looser that we pay to poor municipality service to collect our trash whereas opportunity to convert our trash to cash knocks in the door just with a call. Yah ! if you have trash try calling Khaalisisi team in 984-1220790.

Also, until now we had been selling our trash in very neglecting values, see Khaalisisi.com they are providing an impressive price.

For example, kawadiwala offers us Rs 2 / kg for a newspaper, Khaalisis are offering Rs.10


While many Nepalis are awaiting to have Uber, Ola or Some similar kind of taxi service in Nepal too, Saarathi has pioneered to provide professional taxi service in government tariff rates.

If you are dwelling on Kathmandu streets, would you expect the syndicate, disgraceful taxi service would end or transform into a responsible and professional business? That’s what Saarathi team is trying to do.  You will meet a uniformed driver who will insist you to go on the meter. No hanky-panky, no bargain just pay what you ride.

To learn more about Sarathi & download app https://www.sarathi.cab/plus/


How are you paying your electricity bills yet? Do you stay in a queue for hours and spend half of your working day on electricity office? Most of the people are doing so and some of them have already switched to online payment media like Khalti.

Khalti is a simpler way to pay your bills from your mobile phone. It is a digital wallet for instant, secure and hassle-free online payment in Nepal. You can recharge your mobile, pay bills, book tickets wherever you are and whenever you want.

For now, Khalti has offered services like electricity & Water bill payment, Mobile top up, Dish Home recharge, movie ticketing and Air ticketing.

Khalti.com has also won the people’s choice awards in the  Google Business Groups (GBG) in 2017 “ “Story Search” contest.Khalti will now get an opportunity to get directly mentored by Google Payments at the headquarter in San Francisco. Also, they win a trip to Google Mountain View Headquarters for the Google I/O tech conference 2018 and have a video depicting their story.

To download Khalti App and know more about Khalti please visit www.khalti.com


Where does the huge and dangerous hospital waste go? Landfill sites? Treated or untreated? There has been always risk involved in handling hospital waste. “Lack of proper handling of biomedical waste can cause an epidemic in the whole country, so it is always necessary to be serious about handling hospital waste good,” says Mr Santosh Poudel, Founder of Waste Service Pvt.Ltd.

Waste Service working in  Pokhara has the vision to nullify the threats of hazardous biomedical waste and promote safe health and sustainable health sector environment. It aims to provide a complete and sustainable biomedical solution through its Common Treatment Facility

It claims to be the only sole legal organization having authority for the biomedical waste management in Pokhara which works in public-private partnership with Pokhara Lekhnath metropolitan city. Currently, Waste Service is working with 12 hospitals and number of private clinics. It is planning to scale up their service to Kathmandu, Narayangad and Butwal sooner.

Prakash Acharya is an entrepreneur from Nepal, passionately working to substitute fossil fuels with clean energy technologies. He co-founds Mukti Energy, a solar energy company providing a one-stop solution in the sector. He is also a big believer in change so he advocates and works for creating impact in society. His topics of interest spans from sustainability, zero energy, poverty reduction, sociology to smart city. He graduated from Institute of Engineering, Thapathali Campus on Industrial engineering. He is also a former assistant lecturer in IOE, Thapathali . Prakash is a fellow for Social Entrepreneurship Outreach Program 2014, Social Entrepreneurship Forum Sweden.

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